Volunteer and Personnel Job Descriptions

Back Room Volunteer Positions

Donation Canvasser

The position of donation canvasser works every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The canvassers play a very important role in generating donations from the surrounding communities. These donations are critical in the maintaining our store with fresh merchandise. The canvassers travel to local neighborhoods with a driver (crew chief) and are supplied with donation bags that are assembled continuously at our store. Each bag is stapled together with an information card and a rubber band. They are typically grouped in bundles of 50. Each canvasser is given a map with a specific area they are given to canvass. Each canvasser places one (1) donation bag to each front door of every house in their given area. Typically each canvasser can cover around 100 homes per hour. Thus if each canvasser works 3-4 hours they should be able to get our at least 300 bags. Obviously if you intend on canvassing you will need to dress appropriately and have on very comfortable shoes. We supply you with the bags and a shoulder bag to carry 100 to 200 bags. The crew chief will check on you periodically to supply you with more bags as needed and water. This is a great opportunity to work outdoors and get some exercise. The canvassing crews work most mornings usually from 10:00am to about 3:00pm.

Donation Bag Prepper

The donation bag prepper helps prepare the bags for the canvassing crew. Each bag is folded into quarters. An information card and rubber band is attached to the bag by stapling the bag/info card/rubberband in the upper left-hand side of the bag. Our prepping crew gets a minimum of 1200 bags ready for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Since we continuously bag each week we are constantly prepping bags for the next weeks work. This work can be done most any time during the day.

Price Tag Cutter

Price tag cutters use in-store cutting tools to cut the price tags used on most items sold in the store. These tags are cut to the exact same size (2" x 1.5"). We change colors every week so a constant supply of tags must be ready to accommodate the number of items cleaned and ready for sales. The Price Tag cutting job can be done must hours the store is open. Please make sure to be careful when using the cutting tools. Your safety is important to us.


Every item in the store is initially sorted carefully. The Sorters take each bag or box of donations and examines every item individually. Each item is assessed it's salability in the store. Items that are not sellable are discarded into the trash or secondary sale bins. We sell all our "rag out" clothing to second party companies along with our rag-out paired shoes, purses, belts, hats and hard plastic toys. The items that are in sellable condition are categorized into various departments such as men's, women's and children's clothing, shoes, electronics, glassware and household items, cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, toys, books, etc. The sorters must be in good physical condition as minor lifting is involved. Production goals require our sorters to complete one bin of raw donations every 30 minutes. The sorter must be comfortable with making quick decisions and handling a continuous assortment of items.


All men's, women's and children's garments must be hung and sized. Garments sorted by the sorters as good sellable items must be tagged with the appropriate color tag and sized accordingly. This position requires an individual that can work quickly and efficiently in order to meet the company quota of 80 items per hour, that works out as one garment every 45 seconds. Once the item is tagged with our tagging gun the item is placed on a rolling rack and categorized for ease of stocking.

Miscellaneous Prepper

The misc. prepper takes all the items designated by the sorters as miscellaneous department merchandise and cleans bags and tags each item. This encompasses items like drinking glasses, mugs, dinner plates, pots and pans, wicker baskets, collectibles, office supplies, plastic kitchen items and more. The goal for a prepper in this department is to clean and tag 80 items per hour. This person must be comfortable using typical household cleaning solvents like Windex and 409 cleaner. Specific cleaning and tagging direction will be given to each volunteer in this position by a department supervisor.

Bins Prepper

The Bins Prepper cleans and tags items sorted into the Bin Department. This includes items like purses, wallets, sewing items, men's; women's and children's accessories like belts, hats, scarves. This position includes bagging certain items such as sewing materials and crafts supplies. Cleaning solvents such as windex and 409 cleaner are also used in this position. This position also has a quota goal of processing 80 items per hour. Specific tagging direction will be given to each volunteer by a supervisor in this department.

Shoe Prepper

The Shoe Prepper will take all the paired shoes from the sorters and clean and tag all for pricing. Cleaning and tagging will require the use of cleaning solvents like 409 cleaner and use of a scrubbing brush and cleaning rag. Each shoe must be bound together with a plastic attacher that will also include a price tag. This position requires an individual that can clean quickly with a quota of 50 shoes per hour. Specific instructions regarding cleaning and tagging will be given by the back room supervisor.

Electronics Testor/Tagger

This position will involve testing small appliances, audio-visual items like VCR's, DVD players and televisions and home entertainment units. The Electronics department also incorporates automotive items, gardening items and tools. Each volunteer in the electronics department must be comfortable plugging in items and or installing batteries to test items. Some minor lifting may be involved in this position.

Book Tagger/Sorter

The volunteer that works in the book department will sort through the books and price all books using a price guide provided to them by the back room supervisor. This job entails evaluating each book based on the description listed the price guide. A volunteer working with the books should be confortable making decisions on pricing individual books.

Receiving Volunteer

The Receiving Volunteer will assist the receiving supervisor in helping donors unload donations. All donors that come to the store must be greeted and quickly unloaded. Each donor will receive a donation receipt that must be filled out by the donor. A portion of the donation receipt is kept by the store with the itemized list given to the donor for their records. This position requires someone that is physically fit and able to lift loads of at least 50 lbs.



Sales Floor Volunteer Positions


Floor Straightener

The sales floor straightener will work under the direction of the Sales Floor Supervisor. He or she will direct each volunteer to a specific area on the sales floor that he or she will be responsible for keeping clean. The volunteers in this position will make sure all clothes on the racks are hung and sized/departmentalized properly. We have three main departments in the clothing area of the store; men's, women's and children's. Each department is sized and categorized. It is extremely important to keep our store organized as customers can locate items faster and easier. The grid displays on the ends of the racks also need constant attention and should be checked over as each volunteer works their way around each rack. Volunteers may also be asked to maintain and straighten the wall shelves where the books, small appliances, shoes, and housewares are located. Since we are always dealing with unique individual items we are constantly grouping like items in an attempt to keep our store as organized as possible.


The stocking position in the store is critical in maintaining a constant flow of fresh merchandise. Secondly it is very important for each stocker to place new item in the correct department and size if necessary. Considering we stock over 3000 items daily (and eventually well over 4000) it is important to stock new items quickly and efficiently. It should take each stocker no more than 15 minutes to stock a rack of clothes or a basket of miscellaneous, electrical or bin items. Since stockers are constantly roaming over the entire store they are also responsible for quickly straightening as they are stocking. The more people available to maintain the appearance of the store the better first impression we will make to new customers.

Customer Greeter

The Customer Greeter is the face of ACTS Thrift Store. The primary purpose of this position is to smile and greet each new customer that comes into ACTS. Again, the impact of a good first impression on customers is priceless. The customer greeter can also assist shopping cart retrieval, signing up of new store volunteers, disseminating store information like brochures, signing up new customers to our "Giving and Helping" Club, directing customers to appropriate shopping areas. In times when the front entrances are idol the Greeter can assist with general store clean-up in the entrance area of the store.

Boutique Helper

The Boutique is the showcase area of the store. The items in the store that possess the greatest value are placed in the boutique and are displayed out of the reach of shoppers. It our Boutique Helpers job to assist customers with viewing and selecting merchandise displayed in the Boutique. Merchandise in the Boutique is constantly in need of re-merchandising as items are sold. A person with great communication skills and a passion for helping others is a wonderful fit here. Creativity in merchandising is also helpful.

Dressing Room Attendant

The Dressing Room Attendant is responsible for maintaining the dressing rooms. All garments left in the dressing rooms must be re-hung and restocked constantly throughout the day. Ideally all customers needing the dressing rooms must have their items checked in and checked out when they are finished. This will alleviate the mess that can build up throughout the day. During times when the dressing rooms are not in use the attendant can assist in general store clean-up, especially in the areas in and around the dressing rooms. Remember our store appearance is priority 1.

Markdown/Ragout Volunteer

In order to keep our store fresh and interesting to customers there are times we may need to remove non-selling or stale merchandise. This may include removing clothing, books, shoes or any other item in the store that is tagged with a certain colored price tag. Specific ragout instructions will be given by the sales floor supervisor.



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