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ACTS truly Partner’s with key local non-profit organizations. Each Partner plays a special role in supporting and encouraging those in our community who need a helping hand. ACTS focus is to be a transformative engine providing services that assist each partner in ways that free them to make a difference.

Partnering Benefits

Why partner with ACTS?





How does this transformative engine operate?

In two ways:

1.     We provide direct funding to Stars for Tomorrow (The key descriptor of The Lake Avenue Community Foundation).

2.     We provide transformative services for our Key Partners. Transformative in the sense that those active supporters of each Key Partner donate to ACTS. The Key Partner receives a credit for those donations. When the Key Partner has specific needs, those credits are used to acquire exactly what is needed. For example, when a Door of Hope family is ready to transition to their own housing, the specific household goods needed are acquired from ACTS using the credits.

ACTS, Stars for Tomorrow, and all Key Partners are pleased to discover the power and blessing that result from truly working together. This is a great example of The Church in action.