Planting the Seed One Door at a Time

Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 12.07.54 AMPart of our marketing strategy to get the word out in the community about ACTS and our mission is to canvass specific surrounding neighborhoods. About 3 months ago our canvassing team went to the Burbank area to hang solicitation bags with a flyer explaining who we are. Here is an experience written by one of our employees:

"On Saturday June 23rd a man came to donate some clothes, his first time at Acts. He said we left a bag on his door and wanted to come see what we were about.

He asked a lot of questions, then he saw all the full bins in the warehouse and decided we didn't need anymore items. I cheerfully said that we empty about 10 of those bins a day. He estimated we had enough stuff to last for a year, I said no, only about a week actually.

Still, he said he was going to give the clothes (which were all very nice quality men's wear, shirts, pants, leather jacket, etc, about 2 full bags worth) to the Vets. I told him that was a worthy cause too and his willingness to share with anyone was a noble thing.

He thanked me and drove off. About 10 minutes later he came back and asked me for more detailed info about which charities we help. I mentioned Lake Avenue Community Foundation, Union Station Homeless Services, Walter Hoving Home, Door of Hope, Fuller, Elizabeth House, and gave a brief description of what each organization was about.

He listened and then said, wow, you guys really help a lot of people. I said that's what the Lord would have us do. At that he said, OK, I'm going to give the clothes to you guys, I can tell you're the real deal.

I helped him unload the clothes, gave a receipt, thanked him again, invited him to check out the store sometime.

I asked him what city he was from where we left the bag, he said Burbank. I quickly calculated that it's been at least 2 or 3 months since we last canvassed Burbank, but the "seed" planted by the bag bore fruit.

So here was a man who really wanted to give where it would help and he had clearly thought about his decision to go with us.

It's like I tell the canvassers, even if people don't leave out items on the pickup day, they have that bag and the flyer they hang onto, so be sure we get them out there, one door at a time.

It was a good encounter with someone visiting us the first time."

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