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Tony Reyes - Store Manager

Tony has been involved in thrift store management/ownership for over 20 years. Tony along with his wife Joyce at one time owned six thrift store locations throughout Southern California. Approached by the ACTS Thrift Store committee in late 2009 he jumped at the opportunity to get involved in such an impactful organization. Tony's expertise in store layout, processing/production and pricing helped the ACTS Thrift Store hit the ground running when it opened its doors in July of 2010.
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Peter Schaller - Controller

Mr. Schaller is a retired business man with a great deal of expertise in non profit organization and funding. He is knowledgeable and experienced in the structure and workings of the thrift stores and other enterprises by which the organization plans to raise funds. It is anticipated he will devote approximately 5-10 hours per week to the organization.
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Michael Odell - Marketing Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator

Michael Odell began working for the ACTS Thrift Store in October of 2010 as the Marketing Coordinator. Since then he has also become the Volunteer Coordinator. Michael's main focus has been creating awareness of ACTS and its mission of creating positive change in Pasadena. He is responsible for overseeing events; implementing social media, working with our partners and recruiting volunteers.