Board of Directors

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Bruce H. Bruinsma – Officer and Director

Mr. Bruinsma is the CEO of Envoy Financial, a non profit provider of financial services. He serves on the Non Profit Boards of Real time Outreach, Global Outreach and the Lake Avenue Community Foundation. Mr. Bruinsma has served on church and other community boards for over 30 years.
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D. Michael Gray – Officer and Director

Mr. Gray is a principal with Lambert Development. He serves on the advisory board of the San Francisco Development Agency, the Lake Avenue Community Foundation Board , and local Boy Scouts of America. In addition, he is active in the community and in other charitable pursuits associated with his business profession.
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Tony Reyes – Officer and Director

Tony has been involved in thrift store management/ownership for over 20 years. Tony along with his wife Joyce at one time owned six thrift store locations throughout Southern California. Approached by the ACTS Thrift Store committee in late 2009 he jumped at the opportunity to get involved in such an impactful organization. Tony's expertise in store layout, processing/production and pricing helped the ACTS Thrift Store hit the ground running when it opened its doors in July of 2010.
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Larry Stone – Officer and Director

Mr. Stone is a principal of Stone Tapert Financial and Insurance Services. He is involved in a many philanthropic activities in addition to the ACTS Thrift Store board of directors.
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John Heck – Officer and Director

Mr. Heck is a retired businessman and former Director of Development for a number of significant Christian organizations. John is an expert in communicating with donors and organizational leaders.
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Adam Stiles – Officer and Director

Mr. Stiles is a tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Tap Theory, Inc. He served most recently as the chair of the Ministry Council at Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena.